Applicable Sentinel products that are relevant to waste …

Sentinel Vision A.I.

Sentinel Vision A.I. is a pedestrian detection system that warns machine operators when a pedestrian is in a machine blind spot or a hazardous zone near mobile machinery and heavy vehicles. The system uses the latest in Artificial Intelligence & Pedestrian Recognition to keep personnel and machines safe.

The Sentinel Vision A.I. system incorporates multiple cameras, which are mounted to mobile machines such as wheel loaders, excavators and refuse trucks with as many or as few cameras installed as needed.


  • Pedestrian Recognition using Artificial Intelligence.
  • Fully configurable detection zones.
  • Operator warning buzzer and optional external alarms.
  • Integrated pre-start safety checks.
  • Retrofittable to any machine.


  • Always vigilant and safer than a spotter.
  • Changes operator and pedestrian behaviours.
  • Optional motion stop integration available.
  • Expandable number of cameras to allow greater machine coverage.

Sentinel Height Limiter

The Sentinel Height and Slew has been designed to allow safe operation of excavators, loaders and skid steer loaders when working under overhead powerlines, in and around bridges and inside tunnels. Using motion cut valving the system allows any machine with articulated booms to avoid object collision and damage from overhead hazards. Sentinel Height and Slew also has systems that meet multiple Railway Authority requirements.

The Sentinel Height and Slew also has the optional of adding a patented HV Detection Module which can detect HV powerlines from the moment the machine is turned. The HV Detection module ensures the safe operation around powerlines during set up and pack up operations when a normal height limiter is inactive.


  • Height and Height and Slew Systems Available.
  • On screen and Audible Alarms.
  • Motion cut and Predictive Cut Off to Prevent Height Limit Overshoot.
  • Optional Automatic detection of HV powerlines.
  • Optional Attachment Recognition.


  • Always vigilant and safer than a spotter.
  • Prevents accident contact with powerlines during setup and pack up.
  • Retrofittable to any machine with articulated booms.
  • Early Warning with Approaching Limit Alarms.

Sentinel HV Aerial

Sentinel HV Aerial is a Patented High Voltage Protection System which can be retrofitted to any machine that may have contact with overhead powerlines and electrical conductors. The system can detect overhead powerlines and using motion cut valving is prevents the machine from moving closer while allowing the operator to direct the machine away from the electricity source.

The Sentinel HV Aerial High Voltage Protection System uses a capacitive sensing and active interference from radio frequency and other sources, minimising nuisance detections. Using military grade wireless sensors and solar powered voltage detectors the Sentinel HV Aerial is ideal for any machine type especially cranes, excavators and emergency vehicles.


  • Automatic detection of HV powerlines.
  • Motion cut valving prevents accident contact with powerlines.
  • Onscreen and audible alarms.
  • Military grade wireless sensors and solar powered detection modules.


  • Always vigilant and safer than a spotter.
  • Retrofittable to any machine that may encounter overhead power lines.
  • Detects distribution voltages commonly used in Australian Electricity and Rail networks 11KV and above.

Sentinel Cabin Intrusion.

The Cabin Intrusion System is designed to prevent machine damage and operator injury when working with long reach excavators, material handlers with long loads. The system creates an adjustable safety buffer between the excavator arm and the cabin to prevent accidental incursions of equipment and materials into the cab.


  • On screen and audible alarms.
  • Motion cut and predictive cut off to prevent overshoot.
  • Early warning with approaching limit alarms.


  • Prevent machine damage and operator injury.
  • Always vigilant and safer than a spotter.
  • Retrofittable to long reach excavators and material handlers.